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Oh, the places we go!

If you want a commute that really works for you, consider a vanpool. They go where you want, save you money, and, unless you're the driver, let you put your commute time to good use.

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A vanpool is like a carpool, but GoTriangle provides the vehicle, insurance, and maintenance, all for a low monthly fare.

Create a new vanpool just the way you like it.

There are 2 ways to get started:

  1. Join a current vanpool
  2. Choose to start your own

Simply decide when and where you want the vanpool to go (must travel at least 10 miles each way), and we’ll post your van details on our website to help promote it.

The minimum amount to start a 7-passenger van is 5 passengers and a 12-passenger van requires 9 passengers. The driver is included in the count.

How much does it cost? 
Using a vanpool rather than your personal vehicle can save you some major cash and hassle. Check below to get an idea of what your monthly cost would be. 

12-Passenger Vans
Fares are based on 11 riders, and the driver rides FREE!
Round Trip Miles
Per Day
Monthly Fare
Per Rider
20 $45
40 $58
60 $70
80 $83
100 $95
120 $108
140 $120
Full Fare Sheet (PDF)


Seven-Passenger Vans
Fares are based on seven riders.
Round Trip Miles
Per Day
Monthly Fare
Per Rider
20 $68
40 $86
60 $103
80 $121
100 $138
120 $155
140 $173
Full Fare Sheet (PDF)


We will help promote your vanpool by:

  • Providing "Riders Wanted" flyers to post around your workplace.
  • Working with your employer to find co-workers for your vanpool.
  • Searching through our online ride-matching database at for suitable riders.

Questions? Read our FAQs, email, or call Vanessa Battle, Vanpool Manager at 919-485-7462.

Get started by filling out the form here and by registering at

Check out our current and forming vanpools here.