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Rules of the Road

Safety first. And second. And third. Yes, it’s that important.

Safety is a top concern for cyclists out on the streets with cars. While it is often the drivers’ action that you may worry about, there are a number of steps that cyclists can take to improve safety when on the road.

  • Protect your noggin. Wear your helmet, always.
  • Be visible. Wear light-colored or reflective clothing and use both front and rear lights from dusk to dawn.
  • Ride defensively.
  • Yield to pedestrians.
  • Be predictable. Use hand signals for turning and follow the rules of the road.
  • Follow safe cycling practices:
 Bicycle Laws in North Carolina Rules of the Road from League of American Bicyclists Traffic Negotiation Principles How to Not Get Hit by Cars Ten Tips for Safe Bike Riding Bike Safety for Kids The Ultimate Bike Safety Guide A Comprehensive Guide to Bike Safety

Commuting by Bike
Going to work by bike is simple, healthy, clean, and economical. To ease the transition to bike commuting so that you can join hundreds of other Triangle employees, we’ve provided resources to get you started.

Maps: Our Maps and Guides section has a variety of bicycle maps for the Triangle area.

Commuter Routes: Other bike commuters have contributed a list of tried and true commuter routes. If you have a route that is well tested and would like to share it with others that may be searching for a good commuter route, let us know by emailing


Think Differently
When you go by bike, you will quickly find you are more connected to your surroundings. You’ll be out of the climate-controlled environment, so pay more attention to weather and how you plan on transporting your work clothes, work materials, lunch, etc. The League of American Cyclists has a great set of tips for commuters that you’ll want to review and consider.

Bike Parking and Locking: Never leave your bike unlocked or unattended. Even though the cyclists’ lifestyle will provide you with the luxury of never having to worry about parking tickets or getting towed, you still have to worry about theft. Nothing is theft-proof and there is no perfect lock, but you can take certain steps to deter thieves. Check out Kryptonite’s web page for tips on locking up your bike.

Emergency Ride Home: The GoTriangle Emergency Ride Home Program provides emergency rides home to people who bicycle or take other alternative transportation to work. Register online now.