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Past Winners


2015 Winners

The 2015 Golden Modes Awards were a huge success! 

 2015 Awards Ceremony

2015 Award Recipients

The Golden Sneaker
2015 Winner - Julia Winfield Tan

Our Active Commuter award. Recipients are honored for their commitment to walking, running, skateboarding, and non-cycling commutes

Honorable Mention

Heather Payne, UNC School of Law
Kenneth Williams, Wake Technical Community College


The Golden Spoke
2015 Winner - Jim Huegerich

 Recipients are honored for their commitment to cycling for commutes.

Honorable Mention

Greg Souza
Susan Stephens

Golden Spoke.jpg
Stephanie Loyka, GoTriangle; Greg Souza; Jim Huegerich; Susan Stephens


The Pool Party Award
2015 Winner - Jason Hatfield

Recipients are honored for their commitment to creating and utilizing carpooling and vanpooling for commutes.

Honorable Mention

Debra Holmes Vizcaino, Durham VA Medical Center
Polly Mebane, UNC Chapel Hill

Pool Part HM.jpg

Debra Holmes, Durham VA Medical Center; Jason Hatfield, NC Department of Transportation; Polly Mebane, UNC Chapel Hill; Stephanie Loyka, GoTriangle



The Golden Ticket
2015 Winner - Alanna Jones

Recipients are honored for their commitment to utilizing public transportation.

Honorable Mention

Travis Crayton
Rebecca Evans
James Wise

Golden Ticket Honorees.jpg
James Wise, Alanna Jones, Stephanie Loyka

The Multi-Mode Innovator
2015 Winner - Rana Dayal

For the combination rock star. Recipients are honored for their commitment to combining multiple modes and options to get to their destination.

Honorable Mention

Kathy Cox, City of Raleigh
Ricky Berry, Duke Hospital North


GoTriangle Employer Commute Honors are given to employers or an employee representative who demonstrates the best use of resources to influence employees to use commute options other than driving alone.

Qualifications for Employer awards can include, but are not limited to, a variety of factors such as availability of commuter amenities, various types of commuter benefits or subsidies, demonstrated motivation and enthusiasm, etc. 

Employer Commuter Champion
2015 Winner - Duke University

This award goes to an organization or employer that offers top-tier commuter benefits and facilities to provide travel options that improve the quality of life for their employees. This employer's efforts toward improving air quality and reducing congestion in the Triangle region earn this recognition as best overall.

Honorable Mention

American Tobacco Campus
NC State Employees' Credit Union

Employer Commute HM.jpg

Tammy Rhodes, NC SECU; Amber Stroupe, NC SECU; Jes Averhart, ATC; Matthew Lardie, Duke University; Alison Carpenter, Duke University; Stephanie Loyka, GoTriangle; 
Bob Woodson, NC SECU


Employer Commuter Honors
2015 Winner - American Tobacco Campus

This awards honors an organization or employer that has shown the most growth in their program over the year. Although the organization may not offer every type of benefit or amenity, the recipient shows a commitment to ongoing improvements and successes worth recognition.

Honorable Mention 

Durham VA Medical Center
NC State Employees' Credit Union

Employer Commute Honors HM.jpg

Pictured: Peter Tillman, Durham VA Medical Center; Tammy Rhodes, NC SECU; Jes Averhart, American Tobacco Campus; Stephanie Loyka, GoTriangle; Amber N. Stroupe, NC SECU


ETC Honors
2015 Winner - Peter Tillman, Durham Veterans Affairs Medical Center

The ETC Honors recognizes Employee Transportation Coordinators (company contacts) who go above and beyond the call of duty. These company representatives demonstrate their commitment to smart commuting through assisting and educating employees on available commute options as well as other commute services like the Emergency Ride Ride program and Share The Ride NC.

Honorable Mention 

Jes Averhart
Wendy Gibbons

ETC Honors.jpg
Pictured: Jes Averhart, American Tobacco Campus; Peter Tillman, Durham VA Medical Center; Stephanie Loyka, GoTriangle


Community Impact Honors
2015 Winner - East Coast Greenway Alliance

The Community Impact Award recognizes a community organization, non-profit, volunteer government commission, community event, or an individual advocate that made a meaningful contribution to solving regional transportation challenges. This award recipient serves as a model for creating change and establishing smartcommuting options and behavior within the Triangle.

 Honorable Mention 

Carrboro Bicycle Coalition
Alan Wiggs, Community Advocate

Community IMpact HM.jpgPictured: Stephanie Loyka, GoTriangle; Alan Wiggs; Dennis Markatos,
East Coast Greenway Alliance; Eric Allman, Carrboro Bicycle Coalition


The BWC program highlights employers who are committed to providing outstanding commuter benefits. New this year is the designation of Best Worksite for Commuters in the Triangle. 

2015 Best Worksite for Commuters in the Triangle
American Tobacco Campus

Newly Designated Businesses
Town of Chapel Hill
City of Durham 


Front Row: Pierre Osei-Owusu, City of Durham; Ed Harrison, Town of Chapel Hill; Jesica Averhart, American Underground (ATC)
Second Row: Stephanie Loyka, GoTriangle; Mary Sell, Best Workplaces for Commuters; Len Cone, Town of Chapel Hill
Back Row: Dale McKeel, City of Durham; Mark D. Ahrendsen, City of Durham 



History of Commuter Recognition

In an effort to reduce traffic and improve air quality, the annual SmartCommute Challenge encouraged commuters in Durham, Orange and Wake counties to pledge to carpool, vanpool, bike, walk, ride the bus, or telework at least once during the annual campaign. The SmartCommute Challenge Finale was incorporated into the Golden Modes ceremony in 2010 as a way to recognize those employers and commuters who set the example beyond the annual campaign and continued to promote smart commuting through the year. After many years of success, the SmartCommute Challenge was retired as a campaign in 2012, but GoTriangle continues to recognize outstanding efforts from employers and commuters that continue to live and promote the ideals of that campaign. 

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2014 Winners

2014 Winners

Employer Honors

Employer Commute Champion: Red Hat

Employer Commute Champion, Honorable Mention: Town of Cary

Employer Commute Honors: Bronto

Employee Transportation Coordinator Honors: Angelo Voutsinos, Glaxo Smith Kline

Employee Transportation Coordinator, Honorable Mention: Pat Walker, Self-Help Credit Union

Employer Commute, Honorable Mention: Self Help

Commuter Awards

The Golden Sneaker: Chris Martens

The Golden Sneaker, Honorable Mention: Karen Futch

The Golden Sneaker, Honorable Mention: Allison Moy

The Golden Spoke: Paul Clark

The Golden Spoke, Honorable Mention: Kala Parker

The Golden Spoke, Honorable Mention: Amy Singleton

The Golden Ticket: Andrew Lobonc

The Golden Ticket, Honorable Mention: Danielle Rivenbark

The Golden Ticket, Honorable Mention: Triangle Transit Route 420 Bus Riders

The Multi-mode innovator: Jim Merchant

The Multi-mode innovator, Honorable Mention: Steve Saltzman

The Multi-mode innovator, Honorable Mention: Jacqueline Gist

The Pool Party Award: Wyona Goodwin

The Pool Party Award, Honorable Mention: Ruthie Holt

The Pool Party Award, Honorable Mention: Georgia Njagu

Community Organization & Volunteer Awards

Community Impact Honors: The ReCYCLEry

Community Impact, Honorable Mention: BikeSmart-GrowSmart

Community Impact, Honorable Mention: The Downtown Living Advocates