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Find a carpool partner who's right for you in three easy steps:

1. Join our online ride-matching service

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When you register, you get a FREE list of matches - people who live and work near you with similar work hours. And they're interested in carpooling, just like you.

2. Contact your matches to find your preferred carpool partners.

You can start by carpooling once a week or every day. You decide with your carpool partner.

  • How often you want to carpool.
  • When and where you want to meet.
  • Who will drive or if you will rotate driving.

3. Give it a try!

The average American spends 434 hours - that's 18 days! - in a car each year. Wouldn't you rather spend this time with a friend?
Carpooling enhances your social life and saves you money!

Worried about finding a ride in an emergency? We've got you covered. You simply need to sign up for the free Emergency Ride Home Program so you can get a taxicab or a rental car hom in case of an unexpected event.

Carpool FAQ

What if I want to share a ride to places other than work?

Try one of the rideshare matching resources below. This is not an endorsement of any of these sites or their tools. They each provide a different approach to help users match with others making trips.

Provides a bulletin board for ridesharing trips of all types.

Integrates social networking with a rideshare bulletin board.

Facilitates real-time carpool matching with your network.

Divide the Ride
Designed for families looking to organizing kid's carpools.

What if I can't find a carpool partner through ShareTheRideNC?

GoTriangle can help! We get a thrill out of it, in fact. We can provide flyers for you to post around your workplace or neighborhood.  Contact us if you need assistance.

What if I'm sick or oversleep?

Call your partner as soon as possible to let them know. If there are issues of habitual tardiness, remind everyone about your agreed upon meeting and waiting time. In carpooling, everyone’s as tardy as the latest arrival.

What if I have to work late or there is an emergency?

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program. ERH provides commuters who carpooled to work with a taxicab or rental car home in case of an emergency.

What if I don't like my fellow carpoolers?

We understand that everyone doesn’t click. >We recommend ending your current rideshare arrangement. Take another look at your match list to find other carpool partners.

What if I have appointments?

Be sure to tell your carpool partner in advance that you won’t be carpooling that day. Altering the driving schedule as needed is an essential part of carpooling.




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